Digging Up Buried Treasure with @soopadavedigs

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Outside Nashville, Tennessee, small pieces of history lie buried in the soil waiting to be uncovered by Dave Johnson (@soopadavedigs) and his metal detector. Dave discovered his passion for finding historical objects through metal detecting more than twenty years ago as a teenager. “We found several old coins and I was hooked since that first day out,” he remembers.

On a recent outing near his home, he dug up a mix of coins from the early to mid-1900s, an old U.S. Army coat button and four .58 caliber bullets from the Civil War. “It appears this site was a meeting place for a few soldiers to clean and inspect their rifles,” he says. “The bullets were pulled out of the barrel with a special ‘worm screw’ attachment. You can tell this from the threaded hole it leaves in the tip of the bullet.”

Dave joined Instagram to share images of the artifacts he unearths and posts them using the hashtag #metaldetecting to connect with fellow detectorists. “It’s awesome to see other people’s finds from all over the U.S. and the world,” he says. “My own two kids like to go with me. They love finding and learning the history we have buried beneath our feet.”


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